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Features that Give You the Business Edge
We make sure that you have the right tools to provide the best payroll service possible. Let us help you guarantee the delivery of an accurate payroll to your employees – on time, every time.


Eliminate chasing after employees to complete their timesheets. Our payroll software can be set to automatically and accurately take the attendance of your employees. No more paying extras for unworked days.


Generate thousands of payslips in mere seconds. With just a click, payslips are created quickly with no worries about miscalculations. Working long hours during a payroll period just became a thing of the past.


Set single and multiple work schedules with ease. Regardless of whether your business has five or thousands of employees, our payroll HR software makes it effortless to assign multiple work schedules. Tedious manual setting of working hours for all employees can now be done with no headaches.

Government Reports

A comprehensive suite of reports automatically generated for the required government agencies (the BIR, SSS, Pag-IBIG, and PhilHealth).


Produce calculations for annualization, final pay, and 13th month pay that are definitive and irrefutable. Our corporate or small business payroll software systematically incorporates state mandated factors and HR best practices into the calculations. Eliminating erroneous payouts to all employees.

Details Management

Seamlessly record and maintain employee and company information. Our payroll servicing software allows you to input,and retrieve relevant details about your company and employees. Making information storage and viewing accessible at any time.

What People Say
Our software is used by customers in industries including BPO, Hospitality, & Finance. Hear what two of our customers have to say about how PhilPay has helped their businesses
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