Aiming Higher Than Making Sales
PhilPay Sales Team

Meet the PhilPay “Sales” Team—dedicated, skilled, and diligent at what they do, much like any other awesome sales team on the planet. However, what set this team apart is their end goal, which is not much about making sales, but more on making long-lasting clients.

Each member of the PhilPay Sales Team brings their own expertise to the table from having a CPP qualification to being a software development specialist to being a customer service savant. Their combined skills targets and addresses the existing and future issues that companies have or will have on their payroll.

The Team

The individuals who makes up the PhilPay Sales dream team are mentioned below. Using the image above as reference, starting from the left, they are:

Diana Vivo – Accomplished sales project manager and devoted overseer of processes. She makes sure every step of the sales process goes as smooth as silk.

Cecile Soriano – Skilled and super reliable software development project manager. Any questions on the feasibility of API integration, customization, and the technical capabilities of the PhilPay software? She got all the answers.

Anna Alcance – CPP qualified and a real genius when it comes to payroll matters. From timekeeping to knowing how to legally curb taxes using de minimis, she knows all there is about Philippine payroll processes, regulations and compliance.

Angelo Gargarutea – Sales and account management specialist. He is an expert in building enduring professional relationships with clients by ensuring that each sales experience is a professional and awesome one.

Philippine Payroll Software PhilPay Demo Artists

Karina Viernes & Patryk Seraspi (above) – Charming and knowledgeable software demo artists who are also HRIS and payroll specialists. Both will show you how payroll processes can be oversimplified with our PhilPay products.

With customer-focus in mind, the PhilPay Sales Team intends to provide continuous payroll solutions that are relevant to the clients using our products. At the moment, PhilPay offers enterprise-grade cloud-based payroll software and premium biometric devices, but do expect more innovative and exciting tools in the near future.

Please note that any PhilPay sales related services are to be conducted only by the individuals mentioned above.

Need help with your payroll? Discover how easy life can be by choosing our Philippine payroll software. From getting tasks done faster to staying compliant with the statutory regulations, we got you covered.

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